Recover Deleted Pictures from Your SD Card

12 Nov

A lot of people accidentally delete photos from their SD cards. Sometimes this happens because of an eye-hand coordination error. Other times it happens because you click delete all instead of delete picture. While camera manufactures have made progress in making it harder for entire libraries of pictures to get deleted with one click of the button, it still happens. If you have accidentally deleted months of memories, don’t worry. Getting your pictures back isn’t as hard as you would think. So, how can you recover deleted pictures from SD card?

Right after you accidentally delete your pictures, you need to turn off the camera. It is very important to not take any new pictures on the SD card because it will diminish your chances of getting your old photos back. SD cards work just like computer hard drives. When you delete a file from a computer, it isn’t actually erased from the hard drive. The hard drive simply marks the file as writeable. The same is true with SD cards. As long as you do not import new data, there is no way for the SD card to write on top of your old pictures. So if you want to perform an SD card recovery then do not take anymore pictures!

Recover Deleted Pictures From Your SD CardYou will also need to be able to connect your camera to your computer. Most cameras come with a USB connector. If you don’t have a USB connector, you can also purchase an SD dock. An SD dock will allow you to extract data from your SD card onto your computer.

Once you are able to locate your SD card on your computer, you will need to open your image recovery software. There are many image recovery programs available on the internet, both free and paid. These image recovery programs are generally very easy to use and very effective. There should be a series of prompts to follow, which usually end with a “scan” feature. Let the program scan the SD card until all of your photos have been recovered. Once your photos have been recovered, save them in a file on your computer. Your pictures should retain their original quality, but it never hurts to double check. If you feel that your pictures have lost a considerable amount of quality, you can initiate a deep scan from your recovery program.

Now that you know to recover deleted pictures from your SD card, you should be able to get your lost photos back in no time. As a preventative measure, think about uploading your photos to your computer as soon as possible. Also make sure you make a backup of the pictures so you won’t have to recover files from SD card again.

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